Lenovo debuts Smart Displays featuring Google Assistant

lenovo-debuts-smart-displays-featuring-google-assistant.pngThe first Google Smart Displays devices, from Lenovo, hit stores Thursday. They are similar to Amazon’s Echo Show but with a number of Google services baked in, including Maps, YouTube, Calendar, Duo (a free FaceTime-like video calling service) and Photos. Users can interact with the device with either voice commands or touch gestures.

In addition to verbally responding to questions, Smart Displays allows users to do everything already possible using Google Assistant on a mobile device, including streaming music or listening to online radio with a variety of services, listening to audiobooks from Google Play Books, controlling smart home devices and much more.

Initially teased at the Google I/O event in May, the Lenovo Smart Displays are available in two display sizes and colors: the eight-inch HD version for $199.99 and the 10-inch Full-HD version for $249.99. Each has a full-range 10-watt speaker for audio. The device will be widely available in both brick-and-mortar and online stores beginning this weekend.

Google is also working with other partners, including JBL and LG, to introduce other versions of the Smart Displays.

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